Possible scenario for the creation of matter out of the Great Field

Purely by thinking through the nature of the Great field as shown by experiments and clinical research, I tentatively suggest the following process by which the totality of the Field became the diversity and wonder of manifestation. The short one-sentence version is given first, and then this is split into steps. The descriptions are brutally short and may require a number of readings, but through being short one can maintain the interdependency and necessity for each step.

Short version: movement causes resistance that manifests an identity by asymmetrical duality that is sustained by the coherence of its mathematics. Only consciousness creates the illusion of separateness.

  1. The unitary nature of the Great Field is self-disturbed by its intrinsic nature so that constituent but separate fields form and unform in its continuous flow.
  2. All movement of an individual field through the Field causes the tiniest resistance that triggers the first step in manifestation. No freely flowing vibration is totally free, but is ‘dampened’ by the totality of vibrations in the Field. Resistance to movement slows energy down, thus ‘inventing’ time.
  3. Resistance is in its nature an opposition that, in the next moment, implies choice that becomes more complex and less random as systems develop through endless repetition. Duality would then be the most fundamental state of creation that in its simplest form is represented by attraction and repulsion. One has to induct the other for balance.
  4. Through such repetition firmly coherent fields develop in play with each other at the simplest and most fundamental level, thus creating the laws that direct further evolution.
  5. Symmetry should be the outcome of balanced duality, but never is. A very slight unpredictable imbalance generates in time that holding or clumping that produces a particular identity with its own type of field. As in identical twins, one is often slightly more extrovert than the other
  6. Each identity is defined by, and its permanence in the Field is sustained by, the coherence of its mathematics. Coherence resists change. One could say it is ‘attached’ to its particular mathematical model and will ‘resist’ attempts to change it. Thus, mud remains mud and does not loop further to become rock until another process joins in.
  7. The model become more complex as the number of fields in a system increases, and permanence is maintained as long as there is coherence, which is the nature of any sovereign part of the field. Matter is never divided from the holographic nature of the Field, so that organisms are able to function as definable species.
  8. When an identity ceases to be homogeneous its fields are no longer coherent and there is dis-ease, autonomy breaks down, survival may be affected and entropy ensues.
  9. In higher organisms consciousness around identity, needs, will and desires create illusions in the mind of separateness, and this creates the veil. The internal contradictions that follow reduce coherence. The reaction is resistance to movement itself. The circle is complete.

All of this reminds me of the Buddhist phrase of codependence arising.


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