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I had this vision during meditation on overcoming the block in the fifth chakra with my teacher Ahrara Carrisbrook in February 1997.

The pharoah wished to have vision and insight into the cosmic vibrations that were vouchsafed his priests. I was in some way involved and understood how it was to be done. I felt this as if I were within the stonework of the pyramid and the knowledge was within me. His architect/priest showed how it could be done and promised pharoah The Vision that would enable him to become God. This was to be the pyramid. The concept enslaved the minds of both rulers and people. A thousand years were spent in rendering into stone a vibration. It distracted millions. It left a legacy of toil for thousands without the reality of the experience.

The design of Cheops was the epitome of this search.

In my meditation is was clear that the base chamber that lies under the ground level at the centre of the pyramid absorbs the vibrations of the earth, a deeper rumbling note that contained the creative as well as the destructive forces. This moved upwards via the “shock” of the octave. Not directly upwards, but angled to the outside, and returning through the inclined passage to the king’s chamber. The point of return, where the “shock” is administered, is the huge granite plug at the base of the passage to the king’s chamber.

The God Force from above was to be manifested as vibration through the capstone and its support. This was a six foot miniature pyramid at the peak cut from an absolutely flawless clear crystal set onto a greyish stone base. The base enhanced the vibration in some way. It descended as a sound into the king’s chamber. It seemed that the weight of stone within the pyramid was needed to “anchor” the God Force and to mix it with the Earth’s sound. Like mixing oil and water I felt it had to be pressure-packed.

The five-layered lintel each with eight stones of 50 tons, above the king’s chamber acted as lenses enhancing the sound. The magnified the energy field as through a telescope. I heard these enormous stones singing into the air spaces between them.

In the chamber itself there is a sarcaphogas cut from the hardest granite with a presicion and care that we would find hard to emulate with modern equipment. It does not have a lid, nor was it ever used as a coffin. I sensed it was to be filled with something liquid, perhaps water.

It was not clear to me how the king’s chamber was to be used, though I saw a number of people sitting against the walls. But the way the vibration came through was absolutely clear: The sound turned into a silver-blue light hovering over the sarcophogas.

I marvelled that it was like the chakra system: with the first in the grotto or base chamber, the Queen’s, as the power centre on ground level, the king’s as the heart and the spot above the lenses as the third eye. The pinnacle would then be the seventh or eighth.

I clearly and poignantly felt the failure and tragedy of this decision to freeze the energy of the cosmos forever, to set a vibration into stone. Like the age of cathedrals and the Aztek pyramids, the effort required to manifest energy seems to distort the civilisations that devote themselves to the task.

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