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Links to psychotherapy sites

  • Marg Garvan's Wholistic Counselling Centre -- personal deep couselling through body, mind , soul and spirit

  • The Crucible Centre -- home of soul-based deep energetic therapy and self fulfilment.

  • Althea's Vanishing Twin site -- worth a trip to what is becoming one of the most important issues today.

    Links to on-Line medieval resources

  • Avista -- Villard de Honnecourt Society for the study of medieval technology

  • NETSERF -- A comprehensive, well-ordered index of medieval resources on the Internet

  • Alison Stone's -- terrific glossary of medieval architectural terms. Excellent photos too,

  • ORB -- On-Line Resource Bibliography for Medieval Studies. .

  • Labyrinth -- Resources for Medieval Studies sponsored by Georgetown University

  • Aedificum -- Chris Henige'site that includes interesting material on Saint-Martin-au-Bois

  • The Labyrinth site -- Full-time makers of permanent and portable labyrinths - site has many articles and 300 links to related sites.
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