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The Crucible Valley

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Discoveries in Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Hilary and I, with our partner Marg Garvan, have developed our work with people in an experiential way

that seeks to go beyond the personal to the Energetic Field that lies behind and within all phenomenon.

We have developed this particularly through sandplay and a muted form of breath that we call Energy Work.

We describe our methods in the following pages:

Active Sandplay and others that will be included shortly.

We present these ideas for your comments, and to support the inner journeys of our clients, our students and friends.

The Crucible Centre has its own site at

Our work on vanishing Twins has just been included in an anthology: "The Vanishing Twin Syndrome, and the traumatic reality from this loss" in Untwinned: perspectives on the death of a twin before birth edited by Althea Hayton, St Albans, 2007. You may buy this important book for $49.AUD.


And the happy groups we run there

My new book is published

The Soul at Play in a Conscious Universe

I have just published a new book on how modern science (in biology and physics and astronomy) are showing us an extraordinarily clear picture of our world.

This deeply affects the way we work in therapy, especially in the Energy Work with our souls. The soul is our personalised presence in what I have called the Great Field.


The Great Field is all the transpersonal material, forces, entities, spirits, devas, cherubim and gods that are just outside the range of our five senses.

All mystic religious traditions have put enormous energy into trying to access it. When we pass through the veil that separates us from the Field we bump straight into samadhi, enlightenment, zen presence, or whatever you want to call it.

This is the ultimate realm, not dealt with in therapy, yet having a more powerful influence on our lives than any relatively small event, such as abandonment, violence, belief systems etc.

We are created from the field the soul brings onto this plane. As the soul seems to have the same sort of basic hangups we carry, these get transported into the foundation of our creation.

To resolve the issues we have around the parents 'we' created we need to take charge of our soul's journey and bring consciousness to the soul so that it may, with us and with our support, clear its issues.

Thus we become active partners in beinging goodness and peace to the Field itself.


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