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The Soul at Play in a Conscious Universe

by John James

An investigation into the nature of the

universe and its implications

for the human soul.


The Great Field

The Great Field (Elite Books/Energy Psychology Press, November 2007, paperback,
ISBN: 978-1-60415-015-5,
cost $us.17.95 $aud.35

SPECIAL OFFER pre-publication orders $us.12.21, less 5% SPECIAL OFFER


"The Great Field is a provocative synthesis of cutting-edge scientific, spiritual, and therapeutic data supporting the once and future
potential of humanity and our place in the universe. It is an inspiring read that will raise questions for some and provide answers for others.
It is a book for seekers and a book of hope written from vision and love."

—Jenny Wade—author of Changes of Mind.

The Great Field uses first-hand evidence from therapy to unravel some of the fundamental cosmological and spiritual questions on which there is still little general agreement. It is the first time a therapeutic understanding of the psyche has been used to clarify how the universe functions.

Science is explaining the nature of the universe, therapy is revealing the way it operates in us. Together they clarify the personal energy we call soul.

The Great Field demonstrates that therapy is one of the roads to enlightenment through the development of the same internal psychic coherence as operates in the Great Field itself.

John James’ book offers a new vision of reality based on fields of energy that are totally interconnected.

For details see

“The church's reply to Darwin was, by all means study the book, but leave the soul to us.” The church no longer has a monopoly on our knowing.

“John James draws on twenty years of therapeutic practice to present elegant and sometimes startling conclusions
about the nature of the universe. Drawing on the established scientific wisdom of biology and astronomy,
he shows that everything that exists has been created out of and within the vast domains of energy that form the Great Field.

“Because his findings are based on an innovative combination of scientific evidence,
diverse cultural and spiritual wisdom, and therapeutic case histories, James’ conclusions provide a stunning and original theory
of how the energy of the Great Field is the foundation of everything in the universe—including the personal energy we call soul
that is as powerful a creative factor as DNA in our physical and psychic development.”

—Dawson Church, PhD—author of Soul Medicine.

"The soul is one of the most venerable and enduring images of spiritual traditions worldwide.
In The Great Field, John James brings new information to this ancient concept, and in so doing
helps bridge the worlds of modern science and spirituality, which is one of the most urgent tasks of our time."

—Larry Dossey, MD—Author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Everyday Things.

John James writes:

As a transpersonal psychotherapist my intention was to investigate the nature of the energy that pervades the universe, and the place of our soul in it. In The Great Field the definitions of energy and soul come from direct therapeutic experience with many clients who have shown us that these are key ingredients in successful therapy.

A thousand scientific experiments have demonstrated, particularly over the past fifteen years, that vast domains of energy exist within the material world. The latest research in biology and physics shows convincingly that everything is intimately connected through fields of energy. I call this underlying domain the Great Field, while others refer to it as the Void, the Ground of Being, the Superimplicate order and so on.

The presence of an information-rich universe that operates beyond time and place offers an explanation of homeopathy, of how memories and the nervous system are holographic, of the way cells send signals to every part of the body with no time lag, and how the heart and the brain can act as one.

Being energy, we all live within a marvellous interconnected dance.

I have woven together the two strands of science and therapy to show that the conclusions from each support a single interpretation. The Great Field shows that nothing is separate unless we believe it, and supports the most profound message that it is the nature of the Field to sustain our deepest needs, whatever we want, no matter how destructive or magnificent. Separation is therefore an illusion.

The nature of the Great Field provides a rational and simple way to understand archetypes, human's beliefs in many different gods and the creation of life in the foetus.

The deep therapy we use at the Crucible Centre shows we are reflections of how the universe forms itself in each moment. I have used our considerable experience in the one to unravel an understanding of the other. Some major conclusions are that

•        Thoughts can affect and change matter, and can do so at great distances
•        Brain and heart work together, and with coherence the heart is the more powerful
•        We project our needs and dreams onto the Field, which in turn reflects them back to us with such clarity that we believe they are real, though we created them.
•        Soul is our personal aspect of the Field, and remains present before birth and after death
•        The soul remembers events in the womb and remains aware even if we are in a coma.
•        Peak experiences and enlightenment come from direct encounter with the Field.

The Great Field is an enquiry into the nature of the universe that argues there is a ground of energetic fields that underlie all that we are and all that we experience.

1. Introduction

2. The organic view
The Hundredth Monkey
Morphic fields and synchronicity
Scientists prefer physical contact
A universe of signals: nothing is ever alone
Information exchange is instantaneous
The role of genes: a willing tool waiting for an instructor

3. The physical view
Finding answers to the paradox: quantum theory and beyond
Who said space was empty?
The four horsemen: Bohm, Bell, Benton and Aspect
The Great Field

4. The implications of the Field for biology
Thoughts affect proteins and energy fields create form
So who conducts the orchestra?
Coherence creates a qualitative difference
The Vishnu Paradox
Replication is both coherent and unpredictable
Expansion and contraction

5. Our heart brain and the cerebral brain
The three earlier brains
Differences between men and women
The deep structure of the brain would be holographic
Our other brain: the heart
Limiting the heart-brain
The fourth brain of transcendence
The potential is ours only when coherence is undamaged
When the forebrain connects with the heart we are granted intuition

6. What constitutes the Great Field?
Individuality within the constraints of coherence
An ever-expanding warehouse of information
Definable aspects within the Great Field
Projections onto the Field
We may be projections from the Field
When the Field gives us all we need: isn't this Love?
How can we be a victim?
There is no plan, so what of good and evil?
Is human consciousness of benefit to the universe?
Other universes with different laws
Can the future determine the past?

7. Therapy and the Field
It seems humans have always had some knowledge of the body’s energy systems
The fields of the human body
We are socialized to turn reality into illusion
Duality in the human field: Tarzan v. Jane
Disguising our contradictions creates shadows

8. Soul is our personal aspect in the Field
Soul with a million definitions
Experiencing soul
Soul in our energy system

9. The soul incarnates
We are created in the whisper of the soul
The soul is present in the womb
Soul is affected by death in the womb
The manner of our birth changes soul
From the Void to emptiness: we lose ourselves
Believing we are separate, we direct our attention outwards

10. The nature of soul
Coming back or not: reincarnation
Karma accumulates in the soul
Souls are not on a journey
No emotions, no judgment, no suffering
Separation from soul
Creation of opposite fields
Grouping of soul-fields
Only through service can we change soul

11. Return to Eden
What is our goal if not our enlightenment?
Can therapy help us to get there?
Peak experiences: meeting the Field unexpectedly
If its a mission, its impossible
We are the consciousness of the Earth

Possible scenario for the creation of matter out of the Great Field
Summary of the psyche that has been applied to the Great Field


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