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Books Notes to Transformation
A guide for the inner journey to the Self - a goal that John believes can be achieved in this lifetime
Read Chapter 1 - The Journey
Introducing a process for inner transformation
Read Chapter 2 - Energetic closures
Babies are imprinted with the emotional hangups of their parents
Read Chapter 3 - Being Born
Experiences in the womb and during birth deeply affect later behaviour
Read Chapter 4 - Loss of Self
We feel emptiness and grief as we separate from mother
Read Chapter 8 - Existential Grief
The loss of our original nature, essence and lifeforce
Read Chapter 10 - The Shadow
Suppressed material in the unconscious that runs our lives
Read Chapter 12 - The Transpersonal
And how do we know there is Spirit?
Read Chapter 14 - Relationship
Our closest partners can least support our deepest needs
Read Chapter 20 - The Self
The personal embodiment of the highest spirit
The Template-Makers of the Paris Basin
Toichological techniques for identifying the pioneers of the Gothic movement with an examination of art-historical methodology
The Ark of God - The Creation of Gothic Architecture, an Illustrated Thesaurus
THE ARK OF GOD is a comprehensive pictorial history of Early Gothic churches in the limestone region of northern France known as the Paris Basin
The Master Masons of Chartres
Chartres is one of the most impressive and exciting buildings from the Middle Ages, and is preserved almost intact
The Contractors of Chartres
The basic analysis of the cathedral, how it was built, the identification of the master who did it, and over 30 full-page isometric drawings that who each stage of the construction
Chartres Cathedral Writings by John James
Writings by John James
The Labyrinth
The Labyrinth
Short History
Short History
John & Hilary James Personal Our home in the bush
Our home in the bush - and the Crucible Centre
John's Bibliography
Life Story
Life Story of John James
Architecture - 1959-1969
Active Sandplay is one of the most penetrating ways to clear deep blocks, be they personal or spiritual
Hilary book on Bali in the 1970's
Hilary's Book
Leylines in Bali
Leylines in Bali
Leylines in Positano
Leylines in Positano
Transpersonal Psychotherapy Sandplay
The creation and use of Active Sandplay
The Crucible Centre
The centre where we work as therapists
Current Research Foliate Carving
Foliate Carving 110-1170
Evolution of the rib vault
Evolution of the rib vault
Durham Cathedral
Durham Cathedral
Chartres western towers
Chartres western towers
The Peaked Arch
The peaked arch
Medieval Databases Paris Basin Churches
List of all the 1740 churches with something from 1100-1250 period. Prepared by John James, 24 November 2003. The Paris Basin is the limestone massif stretching 70 K or more around Paris
Rib Vaulted Churches
LIST OF EUROPEAN RIB-VAULTED BUILDINGS BEFORE 1145. This list is the basis for Part C of "The Creation of Gothic Architecture - the Ark of God" which will discuss the eovlution of ribs over a sixty-year period. You are welcome to use this list and to publish it with a suitable citation
Gothic Photo Archives Paris Basin Churches
Paris Basin Churches
Durham Cathedral
Durham Cathedral



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